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classroom policies

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All HPSH school policies are to be followed in class:

In addition, the following are policies specific to Ms. Lingofelt & Hill's classroom:

It is your responsibility to get your make-up work (before or after class) on the day that you return to school, so don’t forget to see one of us. Tests will be made up by appointment – In other words, you will have to come talk to one of us (before or after class) to arrange a time to make up your test.


Group work: Much work will be done in groups. Grades will be handed out as group grades (unless we have told you otherwise). If someone in the group is not pulling their own weight then you need to let one of us know before an assignment or project is completed, as we will not change grades after the fact.


Tardies: Don’t be tardy. It’s disruptive and rude to your classmates and instructors. Three tardies will result in detention and a call home. After that, we reserve the right to assign further detentions, referrals, etc. as we see fit.


Bring your materials to class. Any materials left in the classroom intentionally or unintentionally are your responsibility.


Take care of personal needs before class. Our time together is important, so do your best to use the restroom or get a drink between classes.


Raise your hand if you have something to say. Please do not talk out of turn or interrupt others. Refusal to do so will result in a referral.


Test and quiz policy: Talking, passing notes, and “sign language” of any kind will not be tolerated until ALL testing is over. If you finish before your peers, sit quietly and work on something. If you have a question during the test, raise your hand, and an instructor will answer you in turn. Any attempt to cheat or to communicate with another classmate during any testing situation will result in a zero with no make-up.


Plagiarism: Plagiarism means copying from another source. This includes your best friend, a book, the Internet, etc. Simply changing a few words does not mean you have not plagiarized. Coincidences can happen, but they do not happen throughout an entire paper. If you are caught plagiarizing you will be given a zero with no make-up. You may be asked to submit your papers to turnitin.com. Please consult the HPSH Grading & Assessment Policy for further information.


Note: Students who are asked to leave class (hall or office) for behavioral issues will receive a zero for the day.


Cell Phones, MP3 Players/ iPods, or other electronic devices are already banned according to Highland Park Senior High’s rules. Unless otherwise directed, they should not be seen or heard during class. If discovered, the electronic device will be immediately confiscated, and the punishment will be at the teacher’s discretion.


The golden rule is RESPECT.


Your fellow peers and instructors deserve respect all the time. If someone is talking, you’re listening. You cannot do both. Sarcasm and light-hearted jokes are always welcome in this classroom. Ms. Hill and I can take a joke. Some people cannot. Respect that. Our classroom is a community. Let’s make it the best it can be.


Remember, English is simply reading, writing, talking and listening.


We look forward to a great year.


-Ms. Lingofelt & Ms. Hill 


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