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2010-2011 9th grade vocab

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Vocab 1: 9/13-9/17:

Story Terms Vocab

1. Characterization: description of a character

2. Conflict: struggle between opposing forces – external: man vs. man, man vs. nature, man vs. society, man vs. supernatural – internal: man vs. self

3. Mood: how what you’re reading makes you feel

4. Moral: the lesson of the story; what the story teaches, if anything

5. Plot: the pattern of events in a play, story or poem



       |         /   \

  ___|_____/      \____________



            *Plot map

6. Point of View: who’s telling the story – first person, second person, third person

7. Setting: the place and time in which the events of a narrative takes place

8. Symbol: something that means more than just its definition

9. Theme: the main idea of a literary work; a subject which recurs in the same work

10. Tone: how it would sound if spoken


Vocab 2: 9/17-9/24

”Cask of Amontillado” Vocab

1. precluded: v: prevented; made impossible in advance

2. retribution: n: payback; punishment for a misdeed

3. accosted: v: greeted, especially in an aggressive way

4. afflicted: v: suffering or sickened

5. explicit: adj: clearly stated

6. recoiling: v: staggering back

7. termination: n: end

8. subsided: v: settled down; became less active or intense

9. impunity: n: freedom from consequences

10. virtuoso: adj: masterly skill in a particular field


Vocab 3: 10/4-10/8:

"38 Who Saw..." Vocab

1. apprehensive: adj: uneasy or fearful about something that might happen

2. assailant: n: a person who attacks

3. deliberation: n: careful thought before a decision

4. distraught: adj: distracted; deeply upset

5. recitation: n: a telling or repeating of something from memory, esp. formally or publicly

6. respectable: adj: of good social standing, reputation, etc.

7. sheepishly: adv: acting in an embarrassed way, esp. due to having done something wrong

8. shrouded: v: to cover

9. staid: adj: of settled or boring character

10. stalk: v: to pursue, or follow, stealthily


Vocab 4: 10/11-10/15:

House on Mango Street Vocab

1. mango :n: the oblong, sweet fruit of a tropical tree  

2. rosettes :n: a roselike marking or formation having a circular arrangement

3. Esperanza :n: hope (in English)

4. inherited :v: to receive (property or a title, for example) from an ancestor

5. raggedy :adj: tattered or worn-out

6. marimbas :n: a musical instrument, consisting of a set of graduated wooden bars, struck with mallets

7. lopsided :adj: sagging or leaning to one side

8. a-framed :n: any upright, rigid supporting frame in the form of a triangle or an inverted V 

9. Puerto Rico :n:an island in the central West Indies

10. nylons :n: stockings made of a sheer fabric


Vocab 5: 10/25-10/29:

House on Mango Street Vocab 2 

1. alliteration: repetition of initial consonant sounds

2. allusion: a reference to a well known person, place, event, lit. work or work of art

3. dialogue: a conversation between characters

4. figurative language: writing or speech not meant to be interpreted literally

5. metaphor: a figure of speech in which one thing is spoken of as though it were something else

6. onomatopoeia: is the use of words that imitate sounds

7. personification: a type of figurative language in which a nonhuman subject is given human characteristics

8. sensory language: writing or speech that appeals to one or more of the senses

9. simile: a figure of speech in which like or as is used to make a comparison between two unlike ideas

10. vignette: a short graceful literary essay or story


Vocab 6: 11/15-11/19:

OMM Vocab

1. bindle:n: a small bundle of items rolled up inside a blanket and carried over the back or shoulder

2. brusquely:adv: quickly; bluntly; abruptly; almost rudely

3. bucking:v: to throw large bags of grain into a truck

4: anguish:n: a feeling of great physical or mental pain

5. elaborate:adj: expressed in great detail

6. juncture:n: where two things come together

7. morosely:adv: in a sad, gloomy way

8. mottled:adj: having a variety of colors or hues; like marble

9. recumbent:adj: still; without movement

10. tramp:n: a person who travels about on foot, usually doing odd jobs for a living


Vocab 7: 11/29-12/03:

OMM Vocab II 

1. alfalfa:n: a plant grown for animal feed

2. aloof:adj: distant; cool; stuck-up

3. deride:v: to make fun of someone or something

4: hovered:v: lingered; stayed suspended

5. mauled:adj/v: torn; worn-out; to treat roughly

6. meager:adj: of poor quality or a small amount

7. rheumatism:n: a painful joint condition

8. scorn:n: a feeling that a person or thing is worthless

9. scourge:n: anything that causes discomfort or suffering

10. stocky:adj: heavily and solidly built


Vocab 8: 12/6-12/10:

OMM Vocab III 

1. emphasis:n: force, or show of stress, showing importance

2. monotonous:adj: flat; with no expression

3. writhed:v: twisted; often due to pain

4: sullenly:adv: sadly; in a depressing way

5. craftily:adv: in a sly, cunning manner; sneaky

6. wisps:n: tiny, slight strands or pieces

7. ego:n: sense of self; self-awareness

8. persuasive:adj: convincing

9. appraised:v: judged

10. intensity:n: great strength and sharpness


Vocab 9: 1/3-1/7:

Animal Farm Vocab I 

1. capable:adj: having the power and ability

2. clever:adj: mentally bright

3. commandments:n: rules

4: comrades:n: friends

5. degrading:adj: humiliating

6. disciples:n: followers

7. grazing:v: to eat

8. manor:n: a main house and the land belonging to it

9. rebellion:n: an organized resistance to authority

10. resolution:n: a formal opinion or intention made by a group


Vocab 10: 1/10-1/14:

Animal Farm Vocab II 

1. mare:n: a female horse

2. boar:n: a male pig

3. apathy:n: lack of interest in or concern for things

4: admiration:n: a feeling of wonder or approval

5. capacity:n: actual or potential ability to perform

6. inscribed:n: written, marked or engraved

7. sympathized:v: to be in agreement of feeling

8. adapted:adj: well suited

9. peculiar:adj: strange or odd

10. overthrown:v: removed from a position of power; defeated


Vocab 11: 2/7-2/11:

Prefix Vocab I: Anti-/Pro-

*anti-: against

*pro-: forward, for

1. antisocial: being against interaction with others

2. antihero: a central character in a novel, play, etc. who is missing the traditional heroic traits

3. anticlimactic: a letdown

4: antibiotic: something used to inhibit the growth of, or to kill harmful microorganisms (i.e. penicillin)

5. antidote: anything that goes against or relieves a harmful or unwanted condition

6. promote: to help or encourage to exist or do well

7. propose: to offer or suggest

8. proceed: to move or go forward; to carry on or continue

9. progress: to move forward

10. project: to throw or cast forward


Vocab 12: 2/14-2/18:

Prefix Vocab II: Bi-/Tri-

*bi-: two

*tri-: three

1. bifocals:n: lenses, for eyes, that have two portions, one for near and one for far vision

2. bilingual:adj: able to speak two languages

3. bigamy:n: the crime of marrying a husband or wife while already being married

4: bilateral:adj: having or involving two sides

5. biweekly:adj: occurring every two weeks or twice a week

6. trident:n: a three pronged spear

7. trinity:n: a group of three

8. tripod:n: a stool, table,etc. with three legs

9. tristate:adj: pertaining to the three adjoining parts of states

10. triathlon:n: a sporting event that had three consecutive events, usually swimming, bicycling and running


Vocab 13: 2/28-3/5:

Prefix Vocab II: Bi-/Tri-

*sub-: under, below

*re-: again, back

1. submerge:v: to put or sink below the surface of something

2. succumb:v: to give way to a superior force

3. subliminal:adj: not able to be seen, perceived normally

4: suburb:n: a district lying just outside a larger city or town

5. subtle:adj: difficult to understand

6. retrace:v: to go back over with the memory

7. revive:v: to bring back to life or consciousness

8. revoke:v: to take back or withdraw

9. rejuvenate:v: to make young again

10. reclaim:v: to demand the return of, as a right, possession, etc.


Vocab 14: 3/8-3/14:

Parts of Speech/Grammar Vocab

1. noun:n: a word that names a person, place, thing or idea - common & proper

2. pronoun:pn: words that stand for nouns or for words that take the place of nouns

3. verb:v: a word that expresses time while showing an action, a condition or the fact that something exists - action, linking, helping

4: adverb:adv: a word that modifies a verb, adjective or another adverb

5. adjective:adj: a word used to describe a noun or pronoun or to give a noun or pronoun a more specific meaning

6. conjunction:c: a word used to connect other words or groups of words

7. subject:s: a noun or pronoun that names the person, place thing or idea that the sentence is about - necessary for a sentence to be complete

8. predicate:p: a verb that tells something about the subject - necessary for a sentence to be complete


Vocab 15: 3/14-3/18:

Root Vocab I: Graph-/Gram-

*graph-: write

*gram-: written

1. autograph:n: self-writing; signature

2. bibliography:n: copy writing; the list of works used in research

3. cartography:n: map writing

4: diagram:n: line writing

5. graphic:n/adj: vivid writing

6. graphite:n: carbon used for writing

7. monograph:n: writing on one subject

8. phonograph:n: sound writing; a record player

9. photograph:n: light writing

10. seismograph:n: shock writing; the machine used to record earthquakes


Vocab 16: 4/18-4/25:

Drama Terms

1. simile: figure of speech using "like" or "as" to make a comparison

2. irony: literary technique used to show differences between appearance and reality: 3 kinds a) verbal b) dramatic c) situational

3. alliteration: repetition of beginning consonant sounds - tongue twisters

4: soliloquy: long speech given by a character alone on stage

5. oxymoron: combination of two contradictory or opposite things

6. foreshadow: clues of events that have yet to occur

7. iambic pentameter: verse, written in 5 foot lines, each foot being an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable

8. imagery: descriptive figurative language used to create word pictures

9. metaphor: figure of speech that makes a comparison NOT using "like" or "as"

10. pun: a simple joke or a play on words

11. allusion: reference to a well known person, place, thing, etc.

12. hyperbole: over exaggeration

13. comic relief: technique using humor to interrupt a serious play

14. aside: short speech given by a character directed to the audience

15. rhyming couplet: two lines with end rhyme, one line right after the other


Vocab 17: 4/25-4/29:

R&J Vocab I 

1. visage:n: a mask

2. prodigious:adj: monstrous; foretelling misfortune

3. cunning:n: cleverness; slyness

4: procure:v: get

5. vile:adj: worthless

6. predominant:adj: having dominating influence over others

7. unwieldy:adj: awkward; clumsy

8. sallow:adj: of a sickly, pale yellowish complexion

9. waverer:n: one who changes or is unsteady

10. lamentable:adj: distressing; sad


Vocab 18: 5/2-5/6:

R&J Vocab II 

1. bier:n: a platform on which a corpse is displayed before burial

2. doublet:n: a padded jacket

3. eloquence:n: speech that is vivid, forceful, graceful and persuasive

4: envious:adj: full of hatred

5. exile:v: banish

6. fickle:adj: changeable

7. fray:n: a noisy fight

8. gallant:adj: brave and noble

9. martial:adj: of the military or military like

10. wench:n: a low, common girl


Vocab 19: 5/9-5/13:

R&J Vocab III 

1. ambiguities:n: statements or events whose meaning is unclear

2. brace:n: a pair

3. enmity:n: hostility or hatred

4: haughty:adj: arrogant or stuck-up

5. penury:n: extreme poverty

6. peruse:v: look over

7. remnants:n: remaining persons or things

8. scourge:n: whip or other instrument used for inflicting punishment

9. sepulcher:n: a tomb

10. vial:n: a small bottle containing medicine or other liquids


Vocab 20: 5/16-5/20:

R&J Vocab IV 

1. apothecary:n: one who prepares and sells drugs and medicines

2. ducats:n: gold coins

3. obsequies:n: memorial ceremonies

4: felon:n: criminal

5. amorous:n: full of love

6. direful:adj: terrible

7. privy:n: secretly informed about

8. apprehend:v: seize; arrest

9. cordial:n: health giving drink

10. compounds:n: mixtures


Vocab 21: 5/23-5/27:

Poetry Terms 

1. assonance:the repetition of vowel sounds followed by different consonants in two or more stressed syllables - i.e. weak and weary

2. conconance:the repetition of similar consonant sounds at the ends of accented syllables - i.e. the spurt of a lighted match

3. denotation:the dictionary meaning of a word

4: Haiku:a Japanese poem composed of three unrhymed lines of five, seven and five syllables

5. quatrain:a stanza or poem of four lines

6. sonnet:a lyric poem that is 14 lines long with three quatrains and a couplet

7. connotation:the suggested meaning of a word

8. couplet:a pair of lines that are the same length, and usually rhyme, and form a complete thought

9. tone:the writer's attitude toward his or her audience and subject

10. mood:the feeling created in a reader by a literary work or passage

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