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2011-2012 10th grade accel assignments handouts

Page history last edited by llingofelt 8 years ago

*NOTE: Please see calendar for updates on assignments

Summer Reading Assignment


9/6: Syllabus

9/6: Interest Survey

9/6: Discussion Policy

9/7: Goodreads/Turnitin Account Set-Up Directions

9/9: Lit Terms

9/9: Southern Gothic PowerPoint (pdf format)

9/9: Note Taking Sheet

9/13: "Rose" Critical Analysis

9/15: PPT Mini Research Project

9/16: Final So. Go. Lit Analysis Essay

10/6: Ellison Background PPT (pdf format)

11/14: Ch 17-21 Questions

11/18: Final IM Speech assignment

11/30: Poetry PPT (pdf format)

12/1: The Latehomecomer Reading Log Format Pg. 1 Pg. 2

12/12: The Latehomecomer Discussion Questions Pt I & II 

12/13: Poetry Analysis Notes

12/14: Poet Project

12/16: Dickinson Analysis Example

12/19: The Latehomecomer Discussion Questions Pt III 

12/21: Personal Project Handout pg. 1 pg. 2

1/4: The Latehomecomer Discussion Questions Pt IV

12/22-1/5: Poet Presentations:

P 4-Walt_Whitman.pdf P 5-Walt_Whitman.pdf

P 4-Allen_Ginsberg.pdf

P 4-Emily_Dickinson.pdf P 5-Emily_Dickinson.pdf

P 4-Robert_Frost.pdf P 5-Robert Frost.pdf

P 5-Maya_Angelou.pdf

P 5-Nikki_Giovanni.pdf

P 4-David_Mura.pdf P 5-David Mura.pdf

P 4-Louise_Erdrich.pdf P 5-Louise_Erdrich.pdf

P 4-Jimmy_Santiago_Baca.pdf P 5-Jimmy_Santiago_Baca.pdf

P 4-Billy_Collins.pdf P 5-Billy_Collins.pdf

P 4-KAY_RYAN.pdf P 5-Kay Ryan.pdf

1/11: Final Poetry Essay

1/11: Final Poetry Creative Assignment

1/19: Macbeth Character Web

1/30: Personal Project Notes:

     -Title Page

     -Table of Contents




     -Due Dates

       Personal Project Essay Example 

2/8: Final Macbeth Essay

2/8: Final Macbeth Creative Assignment

2/24: Montana 1948 Mini Background Project

2/27: Personal Project Essay Example 2

2/28: Montana 1948 "Prologue" & "One" Discussion Questions

3/5: Montana 1948 Character Log

3/8: Montana 1948 End Discussion 

3/8: HeLa "Character" Bookmark

3/20: HeLa Part 1 Discussion Questions

3/21: HeLa Mini Research Project

3/28: HeLa Questions

4/10: Opening Statement notes/Closing Statement notes

4/12: Debate Dos and Don'ts

4/16: Poetry Review

4/26: A Thousand Splendid Suns Study Guide

4/30: A Thousand Splendid Suns Afghanistan Mini Background Research Project

5/2: A Thousand Splendid Suns Archetype PPT (PDF form)

5/8: A Thousand Splendid Suns Part 2 Discussion Questions

5/10: Thousand Splendid Suns Poem Analysis

5/11: Hero's Journey

5/14: Final A Thousand Splendid Suns Writing Assignment

5/15: Book Club Requirements

5/21: Book Club Assignment

5/21: Group Logs


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